I create unique jewellery to transform an exceptional  event or memory into a  wearable piece - a wedding ring; a pendant for new parents; or a keepsake for a certain special memory. My creative process aspires for authenticity without being tied to the newest trends in  designs or materials. The result is purely from the concept of each piece. It is not the form and look alone that qualifies an art work, every piece is a time capsule with its own embedded history - be it a brooch, ring, necklace or bracelet. All materials are carefully selected and chosen from recycled certified silver and gold or fair trade materials wherever possible.


I will personally work with you on your desired piece of jewellery and will take all the time we need to find the right design and material. You are more than welcome to visit me in my workshop in a small village at the foot of the Black Forest, have a look through my selection of materials and forms and take a stroll with me through the beautiful “Katzental” (valley of cats) for inspiration and peace of mind.


If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email. 


Guntramstasse 43

79106 Freiburg

Di. und Fr. 15-18 Uhr


Dorfstraße 25 a

79289 Horben

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